Help With Transition To No-Till With Cover Crops And Soil Biology
For Soil Moisture And Soil Carbon In A Drying Climate 

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Note: Yellow, orange, red and purple regions are predicted to have a higher probability of drought in any particular year going into the future.

Where on this map is your farm?
Question:  Would it help to be shown what successful no-till with cover crop farmers know and are doing to have soil moisture in dry years?

The first point to know:  Using a no-till drill or planter is not enough.  Successful no-till/cover crop farmers are doing two additional things that are huge departures from conventional farming.

First, they think very differently about soil and plant health.  They trust the power of ecosystems to reliably grow plants through biological mechanisms.  Second, they know how to correctly select from the sixty or so cover crop species which to use.  They see and manage the farm as an ecosystem made more powerful by the traits and timing of the cover crops employed.
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