Two Levels Of Affordable Service: Hourly And Monthly Subscription

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The big farms have full-time expert master agronomists on staff.  You don't need a full-time agronomist.  You can get all the help you need on an affordable basis for a lot less money.

What can really help you is a our program where you can "take your farm to the doctor" for the attention, and just the amount of time, needed to do the job. 

Here you can work with a master agronomist who will take ample time with you to learn about your farm, bring you the right information you can understand and be happy to answer all your questions.  

You won't be farming by trial and error anymore.  You will have help when you want it.

FREE is good!
Free First Call

We offer a Level One "by the hour" call-in and a Level Two monthly flat rate consultation.

If you would like to learn more about these programs to see if either is right for you, please read what these programs include, below. 

Our first phone or Skype conversation is free at no expense or obligation to you. 

To arrange a first, free conversation, write me a message using the form on the Contact Us page to to let me know you are interested and I will get back to you to arrange a time for our first free call.

Level One--Our "Call-In" service where we work by the hour.

This service is right for growers who would like the basic service of reviewing their farm to receive some new information and some key recommendations for what they could be doing to improve their production. 

The service includes, first, a conversation about what you would like some help with to improve your farming success.  What is the main reasons you would like to work with a good agronomist?

In that first conversation, I will ask for some basic information about your operation:

     >Where are you located so I can see what climate and soils region you are in.
     >What kind of producer are you--dairy?, small grains? vegetable? fruits? pasture? etc.
     >Review of soil analysis from one or many fields.
     >A conversation about your current fertilizer and soil amendment practices.
     >A review of what herbicides and other inputs you are using.
     >What have you been trying that has not worked to your satisfaction

From these answers I will see what new information to share with you and also what specific recommendations I can give you. I will give you those specific recommendations and do what I can to point you to sources of information on cultural practices, equipment and products that I believe will bring you what you are looking for.   

At this point, we will be acquainted and I will know about your farm.  You can make an appointment with me any time in the future for another private session. I will always be just a call away.

Level Two--Flat rate monthly subscription to have all the Level One package, above, and for me to be on-call by appointment.

This is the program where you can have a master agronomist consultant on your team just like the big farms do, only you do not have to pay me as a full-time employee or service provider.  You get as much time and attention as you need each month, and the right to work with me any time you like by simply making an appointment so I can schedule a session with you.  You can have as many sessions a month as you like all for one flat rate.

This relationship allows me to really get to know your farm and coach you as you implement the recommendations I make.  I am a wealth of experience and information that I can share with you when we work together on a monthly basis.